Our history

Advances in Cognitive Psychology (ACP) was founded in 2005 by Dr. Piotr Jaśkowski (1957-2011). He was a distinguished psychophysiologist and cognitive psychologist who made  significant contributions in the field of cognitive neuroscience. Throughout his career, he immersed himself into the global research community and desired to bring Polish investigators into the international spotlight. In his view, this could only be done by implementing rigorous methodological standards and facilitating discussion between scientists worldwide. Utilizing the contacts, acquaintances, and friendships he made throughout his career, Dr. Jaśkowski assembled an editorial board of internationally renowned scientists. By encouraging the publications of special issues (e.g., on visual perception, neuroscience of music), the journal continued to gain visibility.

Upon Dr. Jaśkowski’s untimely passing in 2011, it was decided by board members that Dr. Ulrich Ansorge and Dr. Rob van der Lubbe should take over the Editor-in-Chief position. Their devoted involvement and diligence led to international recognition when ACP was awarded an impact factor in 2014. They continued their exemplary work until career restructurations brought new changes within the ranks and promoted the Rector of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw, Dr. Konrad Janowski, to step in as Editor-in-Chief in 2018, bringing Dr. Charles-Étienne Benoit as Co-Editor-in-Chief. Since then, the journal direction and presentation was revitalized and we aim to cover all scientific fields relating to human cognitive psychology. By embracing Dr. Jaśkowski's legacy and advocating for Open Science, ACP strives to promote transparent and accessible quality science for all.

More information can be found in our Editorial Letters made available in our archive.
On behalf of ACP and the whole editorial team, thank you for your interest in our history.

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